Code: 3M-3303C2

• Versatile system can be light-cured or self-cured to meet your application needs.
• Unique dark-cure chemistry allows for bulk placement which eliminates the need for layering and saves time.
• Displays a true glass ionomer cure for long-term fluoride release and adhesion to tooth structure which provides better patient protection and increased doctor confidence.
• As a restorative material, it provides good handling properties and extended working time in the mouth for easier use.
• Available in a variety of shades to better match existing tooth structure for esthetic restorations.
• A shade is available for pedodontic applications and a Blue shade for core buildup applications.
• An advanced glass ionomer system that offers a three∙ way cure to meet your needs for core buildup and restorative applications.

Suggested Applications:
• Class III and Class V restorations.
• Restoration of cervical erosion / abrasion lesions.
• Restoration of root caries lesions.
• Class I and Class II restorations in primary teeth.
• Temporary repair of fractured teeth.
• Filling defects and undercut areas in crown preparations.
• As a core buildup where at least half the coronal tooth structure is remaining to provide structural support for the crown.
• Laminate/sandwich restorations.
• Interim restorations.

• 9g Powder and spoon